When Life Gives You A Sign

When your purse dumps over and life reminds you to keep chasing your dreams. 💙

Long time no see? NO KIDDING!

Sometimes life happens… you know like new jobs, death(s) in the family, health complications, and general adult life struggles. It’s been a hot second (8 months 😱) since I’ve done anything with Anchorside Design. The past year (or two) has been quite the rollercoaster and I just needed to take a step back and take a big long deep breath.

I have a tendency to be overly ambitious with just about everything…except for laundry. When I officially launched Anchorside, I was not mentally in a great place, but those feelings were what drove me to actually do it. Things were going great for a while! I was getting clients and designing some awesome artwork. But all at the same time I was dealing with personal things, started a new job, and teaching my class every week. Then one bad experience started to lead me down a doubtful path where I thought “maybe this isn’t for me”. With too much on my plate, I decided to take a break…it was just much longer than anticipated.

Things are now FINALLY starting to piece back together and I’m shifting my focus a little.

I’m not relaunching Anchorside Design or anything, just starting where I left off with a fresh new perspective. It is going to be a little slow as I update my website and get everything in order. But let this be a reminder that I’m still here and still super passionate about my little biz and making the world a better place through art and design!

Stay tuned! 💙

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